Eye Exams Marietta

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Eye exams are an integral part to an overall healthy life. Your eyes can show the first signs of life threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, artery blockage, and much more.

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Eye Exams Marietta – What To Expect

Routine eye exams are to help determine your current eye health as it relates to eye disease and any vision problems. Eye exams will start with a series of pretests that includes a rough estimate of your glasses prescription and peripheral vision screening during the eye exam. Then you will be seated so that Doctor Patel can perform the examination. An eye exam is simple and pain free. With todays technology, there are cameras that can do more to identify issues with your eyes than any old school or traditional chart reading techniques.

Dr. Mital Patel will first: check your vision, see how your eyes react to light and check how well your eyes work together. Next she will check your eye muscles. After that, she will fine-tune your glasses and or contact lens prescription if need be. She will then check the health of the front part of your eye in a microscope. She will test the pressure in your eyes and then dilate your eyes with some drops that will enable her to see the inside of the eyeballs. With the dilation, she can evaluate the optic nerve, macula, and retina, which are all key points to optimal vision. These drops can leave your up close vision blurry and sensitive to light for a few hours.

The Conclusion Of You And Your Family’s Eye Exams Marietta

This concludes the eye examination and you are off to go home or select a pair of new, fun, and trendy designer frames. Eye exams Marietta will keep your vision focused and sharp to live life to the full.

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