Eye Exam Marietta

eye exam marietta

When was the last time you had an eye exam Marietta? Regular eye exams are mostly painless procedures, so you need worry if you are contemplating on having one in the near future. And the benefits far out-weigh the time and money you spend in the doctor’s office.

Now, what happens in an eye exam Marietta? And you may also ask, what are the benefits of eye exams?

Benefits Of An Eye Exam Marietta

An eye exam Marietta includes a battery of tests in order to evaluate your vision and detect the early stages of eye diseases. More importantly, provide information during your eye exam Marietta on other general health problems before symptoms even occur.

What Happens During An Eye Exam Marietta

Eye exams usually take an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the tests administered. For first-timers, it takes longer because you will be asked for your medical history. This step is important because most risk factors surface during this stage of your eye exam Marietta. Your honest answers will also determine whether you need to undergo specialized tests that are not part of the regular eye exam Marietta.

The series of tests range from the simple to the complex ones. First, during your eye exam Marietta, your doctor will examine the exterior of your eyes using a light. Next, you will be asked to track a moving object, maybe a pen or a light, to assess the strength of your eye muscles. These are very simple and part of a healthy eye care appointment during your eye exam Marietta.

After that, you are now ready for the other tests, which include:

Visual Acuity Test

This test will measure the sharpness of your vision, far and near, First, you will be asked to read aloud from a chart projected on a wall that is 20 feet away. Then, in order to measure your near vision, your will be asked to read aloud from a small, hand-held acuity chart.

Color Blindness Test

Your eye doctor will also evaluate your ability to distinguish colors by showing you a number of multicolored dot patterns that have numbers and shapes from within them. If you cannot pick out the shapes and numbers then you might be suffering from color blindness.


The refraction test determines whether you are nearsighted, farsighted and if you have astigmatism or blurred vision. In effect, this test will decide your exact eyeglass prescription. Your doctor will use an instrument for you to wear where different lenses are inserted and you will choose which ones give you the clearest vision during your eye exam Marietta.

Slit-lamp Test

The slit-lamp instrument is much like a microscope that allows your doctor to have a normal view of the structures of the front of your eye as well as a magnified view of the inside. After placing your chin on the chin rest of the slit-lamp instrument, your doctor will shine an intense light in the front of your eye, one at a time.

A lot of eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal ulcers, etc. can be detected with this test.

Glaucoma Test

One of the dreaded eye diseases is glaucoma, which causes eye pressure to rise. A common glaucoma test is the non-contact tonometry where a small burst of air is puffed at your open eye. No worries though because it is completely painless.

The frequency of having an eye exam Marietta depends on a lot of factors including age, risk of having eye problems, and if you are currently wearing any type lenses. From contacts to glasses, Lasik pre and post screening, or picking out the right sunglasses, an eye exam Marietta is your best first step.


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